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Ideas in my head this morning - and the question: Is this a wild good chase? The ideas start from Buckminster Fuller's statement,

You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model
that makes the existing model obsolete.

So what's my idea? Instead of wellness segmented (exercise, energy, food, etc), empasize how the focus of The Wellness Emporium is full development - which includes mental development, like thinking, valuing facts - and which includes social involvement and attention to social things.

I could, to encourage people to opt in, set up a little Full Wellness Quiz - people could self-score in every area.

And then, my question: is this a wild goose chase, something that will just take energy, give almost nothing?

Anyway, here are some more words from this morning:

The new model: full development, generally missing in our society -
development in all areas of our lives, so we flourish fully.

This is both the individual goal, the full flourishing for all individuals, and the social goal, a flourishing society because the people within it are flourishing, including that they’re flourishing in their involvement with their society.

To reach this goal of full development, we need to recognize where we’re already strong, and where we’re weak, lacking.

We need to explore the areas where there’s a frequent lack of development.

And we need to repair the lacks.

In case your response is: but I'm fully developed! please read on.

Western society has taken many steps to recognizing what’s needed for full development - for instance, we need to exercise, we need to eat foods that nourish us, we need to deal with old trauma.

However, most Western societies have missed out on other aspects of what’s needed for flourishing - such as valuing facts, and such as valuing logical conclusions. The gaps here are astounding to anyone who begins to notice. People who may search out every bit of evidence on the qualities of different kinds of rice, often present as facts things that are unfounded beliefs - without showing the slightest awareness that they’re doing this. “All opinions are equal.” “All religions are basically the same.” “It’s wrong to be judgmental.” Yet they would almost certainly not say, “All rice is equal,” or “It’s wrong to be judgmental about rice.”


And the question once more: is this a wild goose chase? Is this a path to nowhere, a road leading to nothing but roadblocks? Will anyone listen?

Or, rather, is it something that will catch hold, maybe even something waiting to happen.


April 9, 2018



A HUGE step - bringing together "energy" and nourishment.

Energy - the flow of energy in the body - blocked energies and flowing energies - strong and weak energy levels - meridians, chakras - chi, prana. 

Nourishment - food, vitamins, supplements, etc. Recently I’ve been focussing on Isagenix products. 

Then very recently, I met a powerful "energy reader." What's that? Some people see auras. I don't. Some people "read energy." In a very small way, many of us do - things don't "feel right." The whole energy field is exploding, with people like Donna Eden teaching courses to thousands of people on how to fix scrambled and blocked inner energy. The person I met can "read" people's energy strengths and blockages (somewhat like Donna Eden). He can also "read" what foods and supplements work for a person.

That got me to that huge step of bringing together energy and nourishment.

Isagenix offers a very high quality nourishment program - but it's basically one size fits all. One core to the Isagenix program is daily shakes. There are also a selection of snacks to choose from. How to choose? Pick your favorite flavor.

Except . . .

When the energy reader "read" how the products suited me, one flavor of the shakes was rated as much more suitable than another - very good, versus mediocre. As for the snacks, the differences was even more striking: excellent versus not suitable at all.

(An interesting aside: I had never felt like having the snack that wasn't suitable for me. I started with Isagenix a couple of weeks ago, but something in me had kept me away from it. So there it was, after a couple of weeks, never even tasted.But I have no training. My response was just a feeling.)

A quick personal response to the energy reading: frustration, because Isagenix is supposed to be "one size fits all," and I already have the products that aren't good for me, as well as the ones that are excellent.

A further response: phew! Imagine, for years, taking something that isn't right for me - also eating everyday food which don't suit my body's needs.

On the other hand, adding energy reading to eating well, including taking Isagenix products - excellent.


April 7, 2018

PS. What’s the right wording for someone who reads energy? I thought of saying that he intuits energy levels. But that isn’t accurate. I know people who can see auras. They don’t intuit the auras. Likewise, the person I met likewise doesn’t intuit the enegy flow and blockages. He knows. Of couse, like all of us, he may use intuition. 

PPS. I’ll soon be interviewing the energy reader and introducing him to you.



It's a bit less than 2 weeks that I started Isagenix. Have I noticed any changes?

I pulled my back out of whack 4 days ago. Within 2 days, it was almost recovered - about 2 days faster than usual.

Then I got over-confident, wasn't careful how I sat. In fact, I knew I was sitting in a way that was a bit risky. But my back felt so strong and sturdy. It was not a wise decision, as I knew the moment I moved. I was right back where I started.

The good thing: in one day, it was much better. Now it's 2 days, and it's ever so much better.

And yes, I'm being more careful this time!


April 4, 2018


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