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I'm forever learning. A few years ago, I had no idea about micronutrients.

I can think back - way way back - to not having any major awareness of organic.

It was a long time after that, that I learned that, for something to be certified organic, that put a LIMIT on the products that could be used, but it did not ELIMINATE the use of non-organic fertilizers, etc. My source for that very interesting piece of information was a friend who did organic farming. Organic or not, soak everything in very warm water for fifteen minutes, he said. Also, change the water 3 times.

Is he right? I need to do more research. But I moved to doing more than a quick rinse of organic products. I certainly don't skip washing, even if it says pre-washed.

And now, adaptogens. And this new product line, from NuYugen.


December 19, 2018



I go to a workshop. I meet someone I've known a bit. She is very excited about a product to do with wellness. Wellness - that's a lifelong interest of mine. A couple of years ago, I set up a site on wellness - full-spectrum wellness.

I listen. Then I do some research, talk to people involved with launching this product, Soulera. I find out the history and the composition, the certification and the testimonials.

The more I learn, the more I know that I want to be involved in marketing this product.

I've been looking for a wellness product I really believe in. In any area, that's what counts for me: do I really believe this is worthwhile? do I believe this is important?

I've done a lot of teaching, always about subjects that mattered to me.

I don't see any end to my interest in learning about every area of well-being.


December 2, 2018



My interest: full spectrum wellness.

Physical wellness, of course. Food, exercise, supplements, energy healing as well as the traditional medical approaches.

Also inner wellness. Personal development - tools for developing strengths as well as tools for letting go of limiting beliefs, the damage from trauma, etc. Inner wellness includes good thinking. What good is physical health if we live in a mental muddle, don't value facts or logic, don't allow in much information, etc.

Social wellness. Healthy involvement in the world around us, like the social and political

In other words, instead of concern with one aspect or another of wellness, my concern is full spectrum wellness, so we flourish fully.

For instance, if a social catastrophe is in the making - like the increasing power of Hitler in the 1930's - concentrating on personal wellness is not adequate for large scale flourishing. Personal wellness - physical health and inner well-being - are important, including that we may be readier to perceive what is going on, on the social level.

The concern: full development
so we flourish fully.

To reach full development, we need to recognize where we’re already strong, and where we’re weak, lacking.

Western society has taken many steps to recognizing what’s needed for full development - for instance, we need to exercise, we need to eat foods that nourish us, we need to deal with old trauma.

However, most Western societies have missed out on other aspects of what’s needed for flourishing - such as the capacity to think well. So often we hear, "It’s wrong to be judgmental,” rather than the reverse: Wonderful that you have the skills to make a well-grounded judgment. Making good judgments - one of the most important skills.


April 9, 2018


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