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There are so many things I've always cared about: people who make the world a better place, creativity, understanding the world. Along with everything else, wellness has been a huge interest. What nourishment do we need? How can we flourish, thrive, not just live? What do we need from the people around us, from our own inner words, from food and exercise.

Physical health, and general inner well-being - they make it possible for us to do so much more. They also feels great.

I've explored so much throughout my life, from healthy foods, to healthy inner worlds, to "energy work," to working to establish and maintain societies with human rights like male-female equality, racial equality, gay rights, freedom of speech.

The desire to share, to teach has also been lifelong. I'm the absolute opposite of a hoarder of knowledge. I want everyone to know. They can say yes or no, but at least they know. They don't go on believing, say, that cigarette smoking is healthy.

In my studies, teaching, and larger outreach, my focus has been largely creativity and the world around us. Alongside I've always paid attention to what best fuels our bodies. That got me to set up The Wellness Emporium.

My most recent discovery is Isagenix. As usual, I want to share what I've discovered.

Here are a few other wellness interests:

"Energy." Undoing energy blocks in the body and energy healing are growing fields. I'm including a favorite energy routine – 5 minutes a day to help our energy flow. I'm also including an introduction to "tapping" (tapping on emotional acupressure points, to release inner emotional blocks).

Memory is another current big interest. My mother is having increasing major heart-related memory issues, as well as major heart problems and arthritis. All 3 are linked to inflammation. I'm posting the delicious "memory dessert" she's now enjoying daily. Along with supplements, it's helped get her from seven heart medications a day, to just one. My sister and I are also enjoying the dessert daily, to make it less likely we'll follow in our mother's footsteps. Isagenix also comes in, re memory: the better the nutrition, the better we're feeding our brains.

Further plans for The Wellness Emporium include posting on products, like essential oils, that help our bodies thrive.

The field of wellness is enormous, and at another point in my life, I would have had more focus on psychology and the talk therapies. For a long time, I taught, at the college level, Knowing the Inner Self. The course was an overview of many of the approaches to increasing self-knowledge and also undoing the impact of trauma - everything from traditional psychoanalysis, to the 12-step programs (for alcoholics, families of alcoholics, adult children of alcoholics, etc), to body-centered approaches such as Shiatsu.

Wellness, for me, is also having the capacity to explore and acknowledge what is happening in the world around us, especially when there is major pressure against seeing things. (Truth, the new hate speech, I have heard more than once.) I will likely be bringing more general ideas about this to The Wellness Emporium.

The attention to wellness, to good nutrition for physical health, goes back to childhood. I remember my mother rolling her eyes at fluffy white bread. As she said whenever she laid eyes on it, it did not look or taste like it had any edible content. As for myself, I had barely moved out from home when I read the brown rice was far more nutritious than white rice. I immediately switched over. It didn't make sense to me to eat one thing when another also tasted good and was healthier.

The learning has been ongoing. Coffee was supposed to be bad for us, now research has shown it's good for us. Whole wheat was supposed to be good for us, now it's been found, in the recent studies I've come across, that most conventional grains cause inflammation.

The toughest learning, and the most fascinating for me, has to do with what helps build and maintain societies with human rights and freedoms. From childhood on, I've cared about what we need in society. My father was very concerned about social issues and so was I: desperate poverty, war, governments against human rights, barriers against various groups.

It took me a lot longer to pay attention to other aspects of flourishing, those relating to inner wellness. All those talk therapies – I had no idea about them when I was growing up.

And then – a whole other world – I stumbled upon body-centered approaches to inner flourishing, to undoing inner blocks. “Tapping” (tapping on emotional acupressure points). Shiatsu. Therapeutic touch. QiGong exercises, Taoist exercises, chakra work, mindfulness, paraliminals, and all kinds of meditation practices.

And now, the Wellness Emporium – a place to bring together some of my favorite routes to flourishing, and also to understanding the many things needed for societies that support our flourishing.

Lots of plans - like for interviews with some favorite people who care about flourishing. How did they develop their interests? What drew them to one approach or another? What keeps them going? What got them to want to share their knowledge? How have they been received?

For now, a beginning.

All the best to all who care, explore and keep exploring,


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about Elsa and the Wellness Emporium

About Elsa, Truth Sleuth about
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